Union Bank

Browser Requirements

This guide explains the hardware and software requirements needed to ensure an easy transition to our digital banking system.

This document contains numerous tables that outline recommended and minimally supported hardware, software, and other features for Online and Mobile Apps.

The following table provides a key to the symbols used in this document:

Symbol key

Compatibility Symbol Description
Recommended Supported Provides the ideal experience
Minimally supported Partially Supported May create a slightly different appearance or behavior
Unsupported Not Supported Does not guarantee compatibility


System requirements

The computer you use must meet the following minimum requirements:

Display requirements

Desktop and laptop displays can be any height but must support at least a 1300-pixel width. Otherwise, you will need to scroll horizontally to see the entire Union Bank online user interface.

PDF reader requirements

Union Bank recommends the most recent version of Adobe® Reader® available for desktop and mobile devices.

Fingerprint Login/Touch Authentication requirements

Fingerprint Login and Touch ID are features available on select Apple and Android devices that use fingerprint recognition technology. This technology  allows users to login to their devices using their fingerprint or Touch ID  instead of their username and password. Users may turn this feature on or off within the UB2GO mobile app under Settings > Security Preferences

Recommended Operating System and Hardware Requirements:



Browser requirements

As standards change and new browser versions are released, we encourage customers to configure browsers for automatic updates. Use the most recent versions available for the browsers listed in the following table for the most secure experience in Union Bank online.

Note: Any browsers not listed in the following tables should be considered unsupported by Union Bank.

Note: For the most secure and consistent experience on mobile devices and tablets, use Union Bank Mobile Apps instead of mobile browsers. Please see the Union Bank Mobile App requirements section.

Some minimally supported browsers, as listed below, may show minor behavioral or cosmetic differences for Union Bank online, but will generally support that application’s features and functionality.

PC browser requirements

Browser Windows 10 Windows 7 and 8.1 Windows Vista SP2 and 3
Google Chrome 37 and later Supported Supported Supported
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.X Supported Supported Not Supported
Microsoft Edge™ Supported Not Supported Not Supported
Mozilla® Firefox® 33 and later Supported Supported Supported

Note the following details about the PC browser support table:

Mac browser requirements

Browser Mac OS X 10.6–10.11
Google Chrome 37 and later Supported
Safari 10 Supported
Safari 9 Partially Supported
Mozilla Firefox 33 and later Supported

Union Bank Mobile App requirements

This section describes the operating systems, connection types, and camera resolutions that are compatible with the Union Bank Mobile Apps that end users can download from the Apple Store (for iOS devices) or Google Play (for Android™ devices).

Note the following details about Union Bank Mobile Apps:

When requesting customer support for Union Bank Mobile Apps, please identify the model and operating system of the device and, if applicable, confirm that the camera is rear-facing.

Android™ requirements

Version Description
Android 4.2.X and later Supported

Apple iOS requirements

Version Description
iOS 9.X Partially Supported
iOS 10.X Supported
iOS 11.X Supported

Note: Customers on unsupported OS versions will still be able to access online banking via the mobile browser. Mobile browser access is minimally supported and does not offer native app features, such as mobile remote deposit capture and fingerprint login.

The following mobile operating systems are not compatible with Union Bank Mobile Apps:

Mobile connectivity requirements

Connectivity Description
3G Partially Supported
4G LTE Supported
Wi-Fi Supported

A mobile device with a rear-facing camera is required to deposit checks with the mobile remote deposit capture (mRDC) functionality in Union Bank Mobile Apps. The following table provides camera resolution compatibility for Union Bank Mobile Apps.

mRDC camera requirements

Camera resolution Description
5 megapixels or higher Supported
1.9 – 4.9 megapixels Partially Supported

Third-party account management software

Note the following details about third-party account management software compatibility with our system:

Notice: You are accessing the site with a version of a browser that is unsupported and not secure. Please update your browser to ensure the security of your online banking.

Supported browsers include the most recent versions of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.