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Land Loans in Vermont and New Hampshire

Sometimes the house you desire doesn’t exist yet. When you want to buy land in northern Vermont or northern New Hampshire as an investment or to build a home or business, a Land Loan from Union Bank can help you finance the purchase.

There are two types of land: raw and improved. Raw land means that it is largely untouched by humans and you may need to include a plan in your loan application if you wish to build on the land. Improved land means that at least one or more additions, such as utilities or sewer systems, are present. The type of land you wish to purchase may affect your loan application and the ease with which you can secure financing. Our experienced lending team can advise you on how to proceed with your land loan application after you’ve selected a parcel of land.

Union Bank offers either fixed financing, with a set interest rate and fixed payment fee over the life of the loan, or adjustable-rate financing, which has a variable interest rate. Call or visit one of our community branches or dedicated loan centers to apply for a land loan or learn more about your options.

Portfolio Loans

Union Bank offers customized loans called Portfolio Loans for unique properties that do not fit conventional lending criteria. These include large acreage, seasonal-use properties and other non-conforming properties for which we develop a customized financing plan. Portfolio loans can also help real estate investors purchase a bundle of rental properties.

Many national banks will not issue portfolio loans, so a local bank is often your best choice. When you apply for a portfolio loan at Union Bank, all decisions are made by people who live in the community and understand its real estate market. Our knowledgeable lending team will work with you to help you realize your real estate and other business goals.

Call or visit a branch to apply or learn more.

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