Union Bank

Find Routing Numbers

Union Bank’s Routing Number is: 011601100

The American Bankers’ Association (ABA) has developed an online tool that allows consumers to look up bank routing numbers. The tool searches the database containing all of the routing numbers—also known as ABA numbers or routing transit numbers—for U.S. financial institutions. It allows users to enter a financial institution’s name and location to find a routing number, or enter a routing number to find the institution’s name, and it can be found at routingnumber.aba.com.

Instituted by ABA more than a century ago, the routing number was created to ensure accuracy by assigning a unique nine-digit numerical identifier to a financial institution. Used for check processing, electronic funds transfer and online banking, the numbers continue to serve as the backbone of payment processing.

Example of printed check highlighting routing number, account number, and check number

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